Project Description
Left 4 Dead 2 Gore Loader. Uncensor L4D2 game in censored regions. Automated checks of changing files and L4D2 updates to ensure there the approriate version is always applied.

The goal of L4D2 Gore Loader is to allow censored copies of Left 4 Dead 2 to be uncensored. It achives this by pretending it is actually just playing L4D2 Dedicated Server which does not restrict the gore. The change is simple to do using the file system (editing two files) but with constant steam updates and the want to go back to normal to get achivement it is nice to have the process automated. This tool also allows you to launch l4d2 so it is intended to be a 'launcher' so you only need to run it. It will close the application as soon as you launch L4D2 so that no one suspects it does any trickery and risk getting banned.

Current Release - This fixes the 'Unable to determine version' of the steam.inf file due to changes in a recent patch.


You agree that the author and hosting provider of the Left 4 Dead 2 Gore Loader are not responsible for any damage that may occur using this program. You will not use this program to break the law in your country. You accept responsibly if you are banned from the steam service through use of this program.

What it does

Still to come

How it works

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